A Poster? You Mean a Glogster

A teacher who uses a whiteboard to teach his/her students will be able to teach what his/her students have to learn. However, it is not because you teach them matter that they really understood or even pay attention on what you were saying. It is boring. That is why as a future teacher myself I will include fun tool like Glogster to my classes. It is meant to relieve student’s boredom.

You learn more efficiently when you have texts accompanied by visuals. Traditional classes given on a whiteboard do not allow the teacher to use visual at least is a real artist. Glogster acts like a poster. You can write on it, you can add visuals, you can add videos; you make it your own. It is interactive. You do all that on the application and then you are able to share it with your students and your colleagues. To know everything about how to create a Glogster go to this link and or just use the Glogster website.

Teachers always need to present contents or projects on a board in front of the class. They use whiteboards or Smartboards to do their presentations. The contents that they are presenting to their students are often texts without pictures or if there are pictures, there are few. This is why Glogster is the perfect way to combine visuals, texts and videos all together on the same page. The teacher can put on his/her Smartboard his/her Glog. Let say that the Glog made by the teacher is to present a new project that his/her students have to do. The teacher puts texts about what the project will be about on the Glog. He/she is able to add videos aswell. The teacher can record himself/herself and add that video on the project. His/her students will have the chance to have access to that Glog in class and even back home on their computers. It allows students to easily get what they have to do because the Glog includes a ton of visuals and as a student myself I understand way better with visuals, it is clearer. The teacher still do his/her presentation but in a format much more interesting for his/her students.

Students can also do Glogs. The teacher can ask them to do a Glog to present a project. It is a good way to introduce technology in class. It is fun for them to use an application on the web to do a project for school. It is a good integration of web application designed for educational purpose. A perfect project to do with Glogster with students it is the CV project. You can do that at the beginning of the school year to get the students to know each other. You ask them to do a Glog, which will represent them, and they will have to present it in front of the class. It will give the opportunity for the teacher and all the students to know each other. The teacher can even ask a print copy of each students Glogs profile and pin them to a wall in the class. It will involve the students to use their creativity, something mentioned in this discussion.

Glogs are definitely a tool that I will use in my future career because it involves student creativity something really important. Developing creativity is the beginning of success because it implies the students to think and having them think it is what you want them to achieve as students.

For other benefit of the Glogsters application go to that link.



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