Improve Teaching by Using a SMART Board

As a future teacher I expect to work with SMART Board and I hope I will do. This technology can allow teachers to go beyond what they could ever think of. It is infinite what can be done with that tool in term of teaching. To know better about SMART Board just click here and then you could have a better idea of what this instrument is about. There is a list of advantages and a list of disadvantages. These disadvantages for me can not be listed as disadvantages. It is more like inconvenient of the product because they are all related to the price and the technology of the SMART Board itself that can be seen as intimidating for a teacher used to a regular white board.

In my future class, I see myself using that kind of board to teach my students. I will plan my curriculum on the SMART Board program. I will be able to integrate images of new vocabulary that I will teach to my student. I will integrate actual video taken from the web to support subject that we will talk about. I will make my student interact with the board. This way they will learn better because they will participate in their learning. I will be able to save on a file all the new words, verb tenses and pictures that I will show to my students. After it will be possible for me to print copies of it and give them to my students. There is lots of video that demonstrate teachers using whiteboard. I watched one of them and it made me smile because I saw in that video how happy the students are. The kids raise their hands and want to participate to use the tool. This is the kind of class that I want to have!

This precious tool will help me to teach my future class. When I will start my career I am sure that a SMART Board will be my companion on this adventure. He will help me to structure my day, my week and my year. I will save classes on this tool and I will use these classes for the next years and then I will be able to add content if needed or switch it all over. At least it will give me something to start on. It is interactive. It is not a piece of paper that I will have to print over and over and if I want to do modifications I will need to redo other copies. I can save the class given on the SMART Board and I can send it to my students by mail. There are tons of ways to use that board. To know a few more look here.

Teachers only need to use it to improve their teaching. There might be some of them who can be afraid of using a technological tool like it, but they have to change their thinking. They have to be open-minded and get involve in the process. The more they use it the more they will be use to it and the quicker they can start to enjoy this tool. A good way to get started it is to watch video that demonstrate how to use the SMART Board. It is ok to be afraid at the beginning if you never used technology before, but you have to go beyond your fear and start to use it! To make a better use of a SMART Board we have to be creative and innovative and our teaching can only improve!


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