Lesson on Educreations

Smartboards can be found in more and more classes this days. This is because technology is taking more space in schools. The education system realized that technology is a part of our everyday life and it has to be reflected by the way teacher are teaching in schools. That is why we see schools using graphic tablets. Where I am doing my practicum, the language program will deliver to each of the student of the program an Ipad next year.

Lots of apps will be now available for teachers to teach their students. One in particular that caught my attention called Educreations. When I search on the web for educational apps offered on the Apps store I found Educreations. It is a tool where a teacher can download on his/her Ipad and use it as a whiteboard. The teacher can record his/her voice to explain the lesson and use pictures to add visuals. It is pretty much the same as the teacher himself in a real class with a whiteboard, but we cannot see the teacher on the recorded lesson on Educreations (in certain case it is better this way… J). Here is a video that explain how to use Educreations.


Technology is there to make teacher’s life easier. This is why Educreations has been made. Teacher won’t have to repeat to every students what he/she just explained because it will be recorded and his/her students will have access to it 24/7. This way the teacher is sure that he/she explained the lesson the same way to every of his/her students. The teacher will be able to re-use it next year and the years after as long as he/ she decides that the lesson need an update (the app will probably update before the lesson itself). I will definitely use it as a future tool. It keeps you organize to. You have to do first the lesson on Educreations and then you save it on your Ipad and then you are ready to give the same lesson to your 3 or 5 classes (or even more depends on your capacities).


Nothing is perfect, not even this tool. Like I said it is a great way to record your lesson in advance, but the thing is if you plan to do a lesson that last 15 minutes and you a make a mistake in the middle of the lesson, just to bad you have to restart your entire lesson. There is no editing button that allows you to erase the mistake and continue just like nothing happen. Maybe with a future update from the app that magic button will appear, but who knows. Even with that disadvantage it stays that this is a useful tool. That blog goes along with my thought.

This tool will allow me and allow already lots of teachers to give interactive lesson to their students. Students learn through a media that for most of them have already played with (Ipad) they can refer to thing that they already have been with. So when they learn with a lesson on the Ipad it attracts their attention and they are more likely to listen and learn from it. A good example of a lesson that I will be able to do and teach to my future students is this one.

Lets hope that every classes could get an Ipad to use this tool, at least lets hope the teacher could get one to use it on the Smartboard in his class, if he has one ….lets just hope for technology in Schools then.


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