Pin It for Education

I do not have an Iphone, but my roommate just got one last month. She has been using an application called Pinterest. I asked her what she was doing on that application. She told me that she was watching the new hair fashion trend for this spring. I was like give me your phone I want to know what will be in for next summer. She told me that I could subscribe too to be able to have access to what will be in for next summer concerning my hair. As soon as she told me that I went online to get an account on Pinterest myself. I learn that you can join different categories of what you like and after you have pictures on your board of what you subscribed for. You can also pin what you find interesting on the web or you can re-pin a picture someone already pin on Pinterest and then it will be added to your wall (board). That is why it is called PINterest. You pin what you like and make a board out of it. After I set my account, I though that as a future teacher I can definitely use this application for my future class.
I looked through Pinterest and went on the category of “Education“. I found there was a lot to discover there. I found projects that I could do with my future students for Easter. I found songs, Mathematical problems, artistic projects of all kind and even more. It is a wonderful resource to find ideas for projects that you can do with your class, as long as you have an elementary class. Most of the projects presented tough are for kids. It is great when you are at kindergarten, but when you have a high school class to manage; it is not the most appropriate thing to have them sing a song about an Eastern Bunny.

Pinterest is not just about finding ideas, but also more about sharing idea and stuff. I think that it is a great way to share stuff with other teachers. The most effective way to use Pinterest in a classroom is to do a board where the teacher (in this case me) will use it for a project given in class. Let say that I asked my students to do a project related to the book that they had to read in class. I will be able to do a board for this project. On that board, my students will be able to have a look on the assignment sheet, the evaluation sheet, they will have access to the visual of the book and I will be able to add on the board as long as the project goes on. I will be able to add video maybe that I would find interesting related to the book. The Pinterest board project will grow as the time goes on. My students will always have the chance to refer to it if they want to have a refresh of the project. A pin that I think resume not what I just said, but what could be done with Pinterest in Education it’s this one.
I will use Pinterest in my future career as a source of inspiration. You always need inspiration during a teaching career. I have now my resource. If I was a teacher now with an actual class I would use this resource to give me inspiration about what it is IN to use as an application for Ipads or computer to teach my students English, but I am only a student who wants to become an English teacher and needs to do 3 more years before graduating. She can at least use this resource to give her ideas about what will be her next blog about:)


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