TELL ME MORE of this

When I started my practicum this semester my associated teacher told me that his students were doing something called “Tell Me More“. I was like what is that! I taught at the beginning that my teacher was the leader of a “Glee” kind group at the school and they were performing Grease Musical with “Summer Nights “..”Tell me more”..”Tell me more”. When he told me that it is a program used in their school to improve the students English skill, I was quite relieve to hear that. I did not want to show my (not existing) talents in musical. I will let Travolta do that.

When my teacher told me that it was a program to improve the student English skills I was quite curious so I decided to do some research about it. I found out that program is not only use in schools but government and companies use it as well. It is a program to learn a language. There are different skills that can be developed with it. It has the vocabulary, written, comprehension, listening and orally workshops that can be done with it.
It is through a program on the computer that students can achieve all of this. I witness the students using it. They had headphones with a microphone attached to it. Some of them were doing pronunciation. They were hearing one word and they had to repeat that word in the microphone. I taught that was a good way to help them with their pronunciation skill and they were learning at the same time new words and how to pronounce them. What a good way to kill two birds with one stone! However the teacher must stay or provide supervision while students use their Tell Me More because it is easy for the students to move away from the principal objective of the activity. Especially if you are supervising a group of secondary one last period before spring break…It is easy for them to find any other use of the pronunciation workshop in the program.

My associated teacher found a good way to make his students use Tell Me More efficiently. His students have to do a certain amount of hours on the program to get points for their evaluation. Michael (my associated teacher) assigns them time to do and if they do not do it before the due date they are penalized. To have a general idea of what the program Tell me more look like I found that blog showing picture and good explanations of how it works, so if you are interested to learn more go on that link.

As a future teacher I will definitely use it as a complementary tool. It is a good activity to do with students to links what I will teach them in class and how to use it in a specific context. They will develop their written, listening and oral competency with this tool. It will enhance their English skill and if they want to use it at home it will be possible for them to do so if they purchase the program. It might be possible that if they look at this add first they might do not want to purchase it on their own before even using it in class. That is why they have to try it in class first!

A program that allows students to improve their second language acquisition by using their computer skills, I’m in!


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