What Future School Should Teach

Today when I opened my Facebook page I noticed a video that one of my “friend” posted. It is called What most school don’t teach. I was attracted by the FACE-book of Zuckerberg and the face of Mr. Gates on the cover of that video. I was like with a title like that and people known as them it kind a caught my curiosity. I watched it and I realized that they were right about what this video was about. What this video was about you would ask? It was about teaching to students how to code what they use at least each day. Yes coding! The mystery behind web pages!

I actually tried it myself. Yes I did codes before maybe some of you did to. I taught it was fun to do and especially the part when I had to try it on a web page to see if it was working. That was the most exciting part. Obviously at the beginning I was frustrated because nothing was working. The block I wanted to put at the top corner of my page ended at the complete opposite. The color I wanted my text to be, ended up not being the one that I chose. So much fun, I swear! Seriously, I maybe had a hard time but after a few shots I got better and it was pleasant to do. I learned it in a school context in a programming course in my previous degree. Had it not been that course I would have never touched codes. In the education system where technology is expanding, I think it might be necessary to start to teach students the basic of what is technology.

Integrating lessons on how to code in the school system can only goes with the desire to add technology in the education system. It is something concrete that students can achieve. There are programs that exist to teach students basic knowledge about how to code. One of them that I found on the net is called Alice. It is a program that allows the user to make a character moves the way that the user wants it. Teachers could use that software to build a lesson to their students and start to teach them how to create web pages. They can use programs already on the web to help them to create their lesson or they can build them up themselves.

It will not be tomorrow that the implementation of the teaching of how to code in school will be achieved. School system has to integrate technology in mostly all of the aspect of learning before to think about programming. In a couple of years when (I hope) computers will be the tools of the students then we will be able to teach them how to do web pages. The video presented by Mr. Zuckerberg could be seen as a reflexion that teachers and students could have about the idea of the integration of the teaching of how to code in school. It is a good question that needs to be analysed. To do so and learn more about teaching how to code you can visit code.org. As a future teacher I can be the one who will show one of my students how to design web pages. This student could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. That is the kind of modesty that you get after designing your own web pages!:)


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