Share It with the Class, Share it With Google Drive

A tool that is going to be helpful in my future career as an ESL teacher it is Google Drive. Some teachers claim that they have a paperless classroom since they use Google Drive. Is it possible? I would say yes definitely, but my goal by using Google Drive won’t be to reduce at zero my use of paper but to use it because it’s a safe of time first and of course it’s a safe of papers too. Could you imagine that everything that I will produce as a teacher, every documents that I will do will be available for me and my students at any places and at any times? This is Google Drive.

As a future ESL teacher I will have to teach students English. At some point I will need to evaluate their writing skills. That is where Google Drive becomes interesting. Let say that I ask my future students to practice their writing skills by producing a text of 200 words about what they did last summer. I will tell them that they will have to share their text on Google Drive than this way I can have a look on each and every student copies and then I will be able to correct them as they evolve on the task. This way they can get feed back really fast and they will be able to see my comments on their copies as well. It is a safe of time for me and for the students and a safe of papers too. They can even ask classmates to have a look on their texts to have feed back from them. Each student will evolve by sharing this/her ideas with others. The students will be able to help each other and they will earn something in return by doing that. In that blog I found more detailed ways to use Google Drive in a classroom.

Everything that I will need to give to my students like exercise sheets, texts, learning lessons, etc, I will be able to save them on Google Drive and share them to all my students. I will have access to all my documents from home, school and even on my smartphone. I will be able to work with my colleagues on document shared on Google Drive. We will be able to work on it from our respective house on our respective device at the same time. It is interactive. Same thing will happen with my students if I need to have a meeting with them regarding help that they could ask me. I will be able to give direct feedback on their work shared on Google Drive. Another thing amongst the variety of things that you can do with Google Drive is evaluate my students as they are evolving through the year by giving them a little test that I won’t evaluate. I will use the Forms app on Google Drive to send them a questionnaire about the simple past verb tense (as an example). They will answer to the test and then it will let me know if they get what I taught them or I will need to review certain points that they did not understand. It will be really useful to test out at which level they are at.

Google Drive in my future career will be a plus, but as a student now I really need to start to use it. It will make my life easier.


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