A particular Story

Writing and reading are competencies that students will need to develop during all their student’s life. For young students it might be hard for them to get interested in reading and writing. It seems boring for them to open a book and start to read or to take a pencil and start to write a text. There is a useful tool that can motivate them to start their reading and writing career. This tool is called Story Jumper.

Story Jumper is a free web tool used to create and read stories. The student is able to build his/her own story from images from the website and write a story online. The students are using a web tool to build a book. Once created, the story will be available online. The students can also use it as a slide show to do presentations like a book report.

This implement is really a great opportunity for children to embrace their writing and reading skills. The students are getting into the action. They are not just writing a text, they make a book with their creativity. To get them on the process of building a book it implies them to go deeper into the writing process because they are making their books from step 1 to step 10. Also for students that are very visual, it helps them to structure their stories by adding images of their own or in the Story jumper’ pictures bank. All the students will benefits from the tool because they have to create their stories online so they will work with technology and learn and create from it.

As a future teacher myself I will use that tool for sure. I am a creative person and I love involving kids into creative stuff to have them learn and retain what they have to learn. Even if it’s not all the students who will be trilled to do an activity that involve their creativity because of their lack of it then at least it is done online. The student that I will have to teach will probably be better and at ease than me with computers or what will be called computer then, so they will be at least happy to work on a computer instead of using a piece of paper and a pen. I will get probably more enthusiastic kids this way by using Story Jumper then by asking them to take a piece of paper and pen. This will be my job to find new creative ways to have them do their work and that is what I did when I found this one.
I read one blog about the use of this tool to help students with learning disabilities and I found it interesting because this tool it’s not just designed for regular students. It is a good way to teach those kids how to write and read. It is interactive so it captivates their attention to the images and they can transform the story, as they want to do it. It is a good start to have them read and write. This free tool will bring more smiles on your students’ faces then the old method of having them to write that is for sure!


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