Please, use Prezi

Ohh my.. how many presentations given on PowerPoint have I seen this far in my life? Probably too much. My teachers, my friends and my bosses they’re all using PowerPoint to present stuff that I don’t even pay attention to anymore because of the “boringness” of the linear, doll, unpleasant way that the presentation has been made on PowerPoint. I can’t stand it anymore. This is why I will use Prezi in my future class.

Prezi is an amazing free tool found online to present things beautifully and organized.  It has the same purpose of the PowerPoint e.g presenting stuff to a public, but Prezi does it in a way that you will probably not fall asleep in the first minutes of the presentation. Anyone can use it. Students, employees, bosses, and of course teachers. It has been design the way that we think. We do not think linearly we think generally at different things at the same time. It goes to one thing to another in a second. Our mind is like a map so like is Prezi. This tool allows his users to do a presentation like as a map. You add a “path” and it will start the presentation by zooming on the first thing appearing on the path and then it will go on until the end of the presentation. You always have the option to de-zoom to have an over look of your Map. To have a good idea how to create a Prezi and use the “path” look here.

No more students falling asleep while you are giving them new information. Prezi will help you with that. It is interactive and students love it. It enhances spatial and visual student’s concept. Prezi can also be used on a SMART board and it is even better. It engages the students to participate even more during the presentation. They do not know what will be the next thing. It is not linear, it’s interactive. Students can always refer to the Prezi on which his/her teacher made the lesson. Students will be more trilled to use a Prezi versus a Powerpoint. Students can even use it to make presentations or to organize their thoughts. It brings students to interfere with technology in their classes by having a web tool that can fit on a  SMART board.

Once again this tool will be on my list of tools to use in my future class. It is user-friendly and I will not have difficulty to use it and to make my presentations creative and pleasant to watch. At least my students will have their focus on front because my Prezi will be so well done that they won’t have the choice to keep looking at it. I am that good with my creativity skills.





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