Bubblesnaps: let the fun begin!

I am an artistic person so since I will become an English teacher I am always looking for artistic, interactive and fun activity to do with the students. I know that not all the students are pleased to use their creativity I might have found something that will catch their attention. I found what I was looking for on that useful website that I discovered with the help of a really nice person 🙂 I am talking here about Bubblesnaps.

What it is? This is a web tool that have been design to allow someone to be able to put a sentence or a paragraph in a bubble (comic strip like) that he/she can integrate in to a picture of their own or found on the web. It has first been design as a fun thing to do for a friend kind of like a joke, here is an example. However, it can be adapted to a classroom environment such as this blog explain.

First of all as a future teacher I can use it to make fun presentation by using a tool like Edmodo. It allows me to use a fun picture of an animal as an example and making him says what kind of animal he is and all the facts that my students will have to know about that animal. It is a much more pleasurable way to make the students learn, all I have to do it’s using my creativity. Moreover, it is not only me who will have the chance to work with Bubblesnaps, but the students. They will have the chance to use this web tool to do presentations, stories, projects and so much more. A great activity that as a future teacher I will ask them to do it is to create a comic strip using pictures that they will have to take themselves. This project will activate their creative side and then will allow them to use English in another context than writing a sample text about the weather let say. The students will participate in such a project without even noticing that they are doing an evaluated task. Like I said lots of activities could be done with Bubblesnaps and here are other ideas.

Today it is not simple to give the motivation to students to achieve a task. They need to be attracted to what we are giving them to do. It has to be related to their field of interest. Bubblesnaps achieves both of them. It gives the students the motivation to do a written project and it can be done with a technological tool so something that they are acquainted to and they have fun with. Get started to have fun with your student with Bubblesnaps!


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